Changing the Way We Interact With Digital Documents

Tired of Having Other People Own Your Information? Yeah Us Too

Decentralized & Encrypted Storage So Your Information is Always Private

Don't Give Big Tech, Bad Actors, and Big Brother Access To Your Data. End to End Encryption Means That Even We Can't Access Your Information

Solutions For Both Individuals and Enterprises

From Document Storage For Individuals to Employment and Income Verification Document Issuance For Enterprises and Everything in Between. We Offer Services For Every Type of User

Powered By The Blockchain

Powered By Our Proprietary Blockchain Network and Harnessing the Powers of Interplanetary File System (IPFS) TransCrypts Gives Individual Full Ownership of the Information Stored On Our Platform

A Digital Document Platform That Works.

Fancy Technologies Doesn't Have to Mean Hard To Use

Harness the future on an easy to use platform. Its the reason why TransCrypts has an average user satisfaction rating of 98.38%

Share With Anyone, Anywhere at Anytime

Give access to your files to anyone in the world. All they need to have is an email. Also with permissioned sharing withdraw access whenever you want

Encryption Meets Decentralized Storage

All of the files on TransCrypts are encrypted end to end which means that even we don't have access to them. With decentralized storage all of your files are securely stored across a plethora of different networks making a hack on our platform nearly impossible

Record Management

The World's First Fully Decentralized and Encrypted Record Management Platform. Secure Digitally Verifiable Records Privately Without Sacrificing Ease of Use or Access

Employment & Income Verification

Let Your Human Resource Department Be More Productive. Our Easy To Use Tool Will Fully Automate the Issuance of Income and Employment  Documents.

Making Sure Your HR Never Wastes Valuable Resources Answering 3rd Party Verification Requests Again. Best of All Its Fully FCRA Compliant