TransCrypts Automating Employment Document Verification

Automatically issue verified documents using the Blockchain. Removing the need for HR to manually verify employment data.

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We integrate with your current HR software provider, creating verified employment documents, such as employment or income verification forms. You also have the option to manually create verification forms without the need for integration.


Give your employees ownership and access to their employment data by periodically issuing verified documents.


Once employees have access to their documents, they can share it with anyone. That means no phone calls from banks, landlords or other employers, saving your HR time and headache.

Instant Verification

Our easy to use User Interface allows 3rd parties to instantly verify the authenticity of documents shared with them, through the blockchain transaction history.

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Frequently Asked Questions

That means no need to waste time or take the headache of sharing verifying employee data. Our patent pending process and integration will issue and verify documents for you.
Blockchain is a decentralized ledger that cannot be altered. The reason why we use it here at TransCrypts, is because it gives employees the opportunity to share their data in a way that can be instantaneously verified. All the while, maintaining industry leading privacy and security.
TransCrypts is the only solution on the market, that gives employees complete control and access to how their data is shared. TransCrypts empowers employees to take ownership of their own data and the power to decide how and with whom their data is shared. TransCrypts seeks to democratize people's access and control to their data.
TransCrypts utilizes IPFS (Inter Planetary File System) Technology, which geo-decentralizes user's data, making it extremely hard for sensitive data to be hacked or leaked. The IPFS technology works by breaking a single file/document into many hundreds of parts, these parts are scattered in many different geographical locations over the Cloud in the form of encrypted hashcodes. A bad actor (Hacker) would have to guess where each part of a file is located throughout the world, which of the hashcodes' represents parts of a file, and then would need to hack into each hundreds of separate hashcodes' just to gain access to a single file. Thereby, minimizing the risk of hacking and exposure vs storing it in a single location, as many of our competitors do.

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