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How Our AI Works

Our comprehensive AI uses advanced natural language processing to understand and interpret input, analyze context, retrieve information from various sources, and generate informed responses, continuously learning to improve over time.

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Your Data is Protected

Unlike other AI models, we are able to enter your ecosystem and deploy Castello on premise to ensure your data is safe
and confidential

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Data That You Can Trust

Our data partnerships are steadily expanding. Additionally, upon business request we can tie in our proprietary datasets stemming from our foundational business; TransCrypt Solutions Inc, which possesses data from hundreds of companies world wide

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Our Focused Approach

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Fine tuned to financial and
economic data specifically
Trusted data sources from our plethora of partnerships
Ability to self host on premise
Existing Solutions
General AI models that are a jack of all trades, master of none
Sources that are not the most trustworthy found on the web
Privacy concerns of using current AI models as an enterprise

State Of The Art

Voted to give the most intelligent answers amongst AI models when asked financial questions

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