Fully Automate Your
Verification Request Stack

How It Works

15-min setup after that our platform does the rest

Step 1: Integrate

We integrate with your current HR software provider, creating verified employment documents, such as employment or income verification forms. You also have the option to manually create verification forms without the need for integration.

Step 2: Issue

Give your employees ownership and access to their employment and income data by periodically issuing verification documents directly to their accounts

Step 3: Share & Verify

Once employees have access to their documents, they can share it with anyone.  3rd parties can then instantly verify the authenticity of documents shared with them, through the blockchain transaction history
0ver 100+ companies  trust us

Learn More About the Technology Powering TransCrypts

End - To - End Encryption
With end-to-end encryption, your files are secured with a lock, and only you & anyone you share your files with  have the special key needed to unlock and view them
Decentralized Storage (IPFS)
All files on TransCrypts are stored decentrally using IPFS. We store these files by breaking them up into thousands of very tiny “pieces,” and store these across thousands of computers. Ensuring that the user is the only one with access to their files.
Blockchain Technology
Blockchain is a system of recording information in a way that makes it difficult to change, hack, or cheat a given document. Thus ensuring all the documents on our platform are 100% tamper proof and authentic
API Integration
Easily integrate with over 500 applications. Integrate with your HR database provider or payroll provider to start automatically issuing verification documents.
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