Record & Document Verification Made Easy

How It Works

Automate The Issuance and Verification of Important Records and Documents in Your Organization

Encrypted File Storage

Industry leading encryption standards means no unauthorized access to your files. Only people who you give access to can view your files. Double-blind encryption ensures your documents are private, even from us

Local Or Decentralized Storage

We break up each individual files into thousands of piece. Each one of these pieces is then stored in different servers across the world or on your local network, with some redundancy in case if a piece is lost. By storing information through this medium we ensure that even if a multiple nodes are comprised the contents of the record are not leaked

Easy To Use Platform

Access TransCrypts from anywhere at anytime. Instantly view, share, and organize your files on our easy to use platform

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Learn More About the Technology Powering TransCrypts

End - To - End Encryption
With end-to-end encryption, your files are secured with a lock, and only you & anyone you share your files with  have the special key needed to unlock and view them
Decentralized Storage (IPFS)
All files on TransCrypts are stored decentrally using IPFS. We store these files by breaking them up into thousands of very tiny “pieces,” and store these across thousands of computers. Ensuring that the user is the only one with access to their files.
Blockchain Technology
Blockchain is a system of recording information in a way that makes it difficult to change, hack, or cheat a given file. Thus ensuring your files are always protected from unauthorized changes and access
API Integration
Easily integrate with over 500 applications. Quickly transfer files to and from Google Drive and Dropbox using our API integration
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