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Tired of your lack of digital privacy?

Between decentralized storage and end-to-end encryption your files make sure your files are completely private, even from us

Encrypted Files

Industry leading encryption standards means no unauthorized access to your files. Only people who you give access to can view your files

Pay For Only The Storage You Use

Our base plan starts at $4.99 for 100GB. After that pay as you go for extra storage. Share files with friend and family with only one person paying for the storage costs.

Decentralized File Storage

There’s a fundamental difference between us and our competitors: we do not believe in owning anyone's data. To avoid this, we decentralize the storage of user data via IPFS (Interplanetary File Sharing System). Creating a system where you are the owner of your data.

The Future of File Storage is Here

File Storage Made Easy

A centralised hub for all your files
Store, send, receive, verify and organize documents, pdfs, photos, videos and all major file types from a single platform.
Easily Share FIles With Anyone In the World
Share files instantaneously with anyone in the world via their email, username, or by QR code
Secure Access Anywhere, Anytime
Access your files from anywhere in the world at anytime. File redundancy means TransCrypts has an industry leading retrieval rate

Own Your Data

On other platforms the service provider owns the information stored on their service and can give access to your private information to whomever they see fit. Good thing we aren't other platforms

Encrypted file storage and limited data collection on your activities

Decentralized storage so no information is stored on our servers

Learn More About the Technology Powering TransCrypts

End - To - End Encryption
With end-to-end encryption, your files are secured with a lock, and only anyone you share your file with and you have the special key needed to unlock and view them
Decentralized Storage (IPFS)
All files on TransCrypts are stored decentrally using IPFS. We store these files by breaking them up into thousands of very tiny “pieces,” and store these across thousands of computers. Ensuring that the user is the only one with access to their files.
Blockchain Technology
Blockchain is a system of recording information in a way that makes it difficult to change, hack, or cheat a given file. Thus ensuring your files are always protected from unauthorized changes and access
Anonymous Login
Login from anywhere in the world completely anonymously. No email needed, just need to create an username and password to access your account
How It Works