How Spirit Airlines Saved Time & Increased Employee Satisfaction

Michael Perry, Director of Human Resources @ Spirit Airlines


Given their large scale, and growing size, Spirit’s HR team found it unsustainable to manage and process verification requests manually. In late 2021, Spirit began their search for a solution that would increase efficiency for their 170-person HR team to better serve their large associate base. For Spirit’s almost 9,000 employees—getting an employment or income verification request for time-sensitive life situations such as applying for a mortgage, signing a new lease, or taking out a loan often took days, and Paycor’s manual process left their team feeling overwhelmed.

Michael's Story

" Following the rebound of travel after the original COVID-19 lockdowns we began to critically analyze the processes our HR had employed. With a great deal of our staff negatively impacted by the lockdowns we knew our teammates at Spirit needed a strong HR now more than ever. Issue is we were overwhelmed. One of the areas where we knew we could simplify our workflow was in the way we were handling our employee's data requests. After a long search we chose TransCrypts due to their fast onboarding time and ease of use. Since transitioning to TransCrypts we have been able to focus that saved time on serving our employees better through working on other necessary projects and improving other processes."

Spirit's Results

For Spirit, integrating TransCrypts was an easy and quick process. Within a day, TransCrypts went live for Spirit, and the entire team was on board and ready to go. After onboarding, the Spirit team saw almost instant results with TransCrypts. Spirit went from spending 270 hours a month - 3240 hours a year - on verifications to under 1 hour, all while seeing employee satisfaction with the TransCrypts platform reach over 98%

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