How Zoom Unlocked HR Productivity with TransCrypts

Adilene Marquez, Director of Innovation and Human Resource Technologies @ Zoom


Prior to TransCrypts, Zoom had an incredibly tedious verification process. The Zoom team would go to their DocuSign dashboard and manually look up and fill out the information being requested. Also, because Zoom had switched from a PEO to a new HRIS, the team had to go back to a spreadsheet separate from the HRIS dashboard and manually look for two years of data out of two systems.

Adilene's Story

"We were downloading, uploading and making sure the right documents were matching up for the right verification. It was very time-consuming but important, due to the sensitive nature of the data. To be honest, we weren't sure how it was going to go. We didn’t announce our transition over to TransCrypts to our employees. We wanted some verifications to come in and we watched carefully to see how TransCrypts processed them. We were pleasantly surprised when the transition happened. I feel like everything went remarkably well. TransCrypts makes verifications just so easy, simple and smooth. I didn't think it was possible to have verifications that easy. Now I look forward to checking my TransCrypts dashboard to see not only the time it has saved us but how they are really creating a better employee experience and product for us here at Zoom”

Zoom's Results

Zoom’s VOE/VOI specialist team went from spending 38% of their week on verifications to almost 0% of their week spent on verifications when they joined TransCrypts. That is valuable time back in the hands of their HR and thousands of dollars in cost savings

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