Automate Responding to Employment and Income
Verification Requests

Save Time and Automate Your FCRA Compliance

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Improve HR's Workflow
Your HR team is currently expending time and energy responding to verification requests. Last year, we helped organizations save a combined total of 179,500 hours. This is time that your HR team could redirect towards more impactful activities.
Employee Control
Over Data
Empower your employees by giving them the ability to access their own verified information and share it freely with anyone they choose, at any time. This autonomy not only enhances transparency but also streamlines communication, ensuring that they can provide essential data whenever it is needed.
Automate FCRA Compliance
Automate your FCRA compliance processes and simplify the management of adherence to over 50 different regulations concerning employee data and privacy. This approach not only ensures you meet legal standards but also allows you to focus more on strategic business objectives while maintaining rigorous compliance standards.
Skip the Hassle of Third-Party Verification Companies
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Custom templates for verification documents
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Never deal with a verification reques again
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15-min onboarding
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No comoliance related costs
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Employees have control over their information
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Integrate with 500+ applications and databases

Integrate With Your Favorite Platforms

Easily connect TransCrypts to Google Drive, Slack, Dropbox and over 100+ other tools

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